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Moving towards a unified European Higher Education Area

The European Union, staying loyal to the Bologna declaration and the resulting Bologna Process, has been moving towards a unified European Higher Education Area. Today, the Bologna declaration objectives are still valid and more important than ever. The ones that have not yet been achieved require further commitment.

One of the key aspects towards the success of the Bologna Process is the close cooperation and interaction between governments, higher education institutions, students, staff, employers and quality assurance agencies.

MyUniversity project will equip universities from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia and Sweden with a cutting edge e-Participation platform so they can actively participate in the higher education decision making process with valuable input towards future policies and legislation, both locally and at European level.

MyUniversity project will provide an e-participation service that will facilitate:

  • The interaction between the university members (students and academic and administrative staff), university stakeholders and National/European associations/unions
  • The communication on European level between the university members and stakeholders from all EU Member states

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